Virtual CME & Live Video Production

Produce live, virtual events and moderate Q&A in real-time with an unlimited number of remote healthcare professionals.

Deliver live education events to all your contacts remotely.

ePatient Connect Virtual CME Platform enhances your interactions with healthcare practitioners for Continuing Medical Education (CME), Other Learning Activities (OLA), webinars, and conferences, allowing you to deliver highly engaging interactions with multiple participants simultaneously, saving time and money and maximizing your reach.

Eliminate the Travel Usually Demanded

Eliminate the cost and time involved in travel. No matter where your accounts are located, we can connect you to them, even in remote communities with slow internet connections.

Gain Insights Into How Your Audience Thinks

Discover who is most engaged with your message using the Engagement Report. Moderate questions received live and answer them during and after the event.

Make a Great Impression Every Time

With a teleprompter, you can guarantee your message hits all the points. Our production team can travel to your presenter or boardroom, or we bring your presenter to our studio.

Professional video production ensures your presenters look their best

Professional lighting, broadcast cameras, teleprompter, and live camera-angle switching come together to keep eyes and ears tuned to your messaging.

Reaching dozens of contacts simultaneously is usually time consuming and difficult—for both your presenters and your audience. A polished, interactive live video web stream can hit the mark for busy healthcare professionals who need a reason to stay engaged. Your presentation can look like live TV and participants and interact with your presenters, keeping their eyes on the screen and minds focused on your topics.

Easily moderate hundreds of live questions  and other features

Nothing reinforces learning better than asking questions. Choose to receive questions throughout your presentation, or open and close the floor as you need. A moderator has the ability to screen out questions, and get clarification, before they’re pushed to the presenter to answer.

Whether you are running an information session or a full-fledged Mainpro+ programme, you need to know what your participants are doing while tuned into your stream. With the Engagement Report, you’ll see exactly how long each participant was actively watching your stream and what questions they submitted.

Save tens of thousands of dollars by running this year’s conference virtually. Offer participants the ability to switch between live presentations at their leisure, or only give access to certain rooms to specific participants.

Worry-free setup for your audio and visual needs for every presentation. Ensure that the audio and video quality is pristine every time, so participants have no problems receiving your content.

Engage your audience with ePatient Connect Virtual CME

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