The Most Cost-Effective Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

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Clinical Trial Recruitment Specialization

The last few years have fundamentally changed how people look for health information. With Google receiving more than 1 billion health questions every day, internet based technologies have emerged as the fundamental reference source for patients. A key factor to ePatient Connect’s success in patient enrollment is its placement of key web properties directly in front of potential patients, a feat impossible to achieve by other recruitment companies’ standards.

Maintaining recruitment momentum

After the initial surge of study candidates from pooled physician databases at the onset of the trial, the well soon runs dry. Fulfill your patient recruitment needs with ePatient Connect's innovative approaches to patient accrual.

Supporting subject retention

ePatient Connect's management, measurement, and logistics makes running patient recruitment campaigns easy by providing you with a proprietary online resource portal. Through the portal, study sites are provided engaged patients ready for screening.

Re-energizing subject recruitment

Instead of pushing your message to a passive audience, we are coordinating requests for information from an engaged audience at the moment in time they are seeking help.

"My research group has consistently been ranked as one of the top performing sites across the country for recruitment, and that's thanks mostly to ePatient Connect in finding subjects for our hard-to-recruit studies."

Dr. Richard Tytus
Hamilton Medical Research Group

The High Cost of Poor Clinical Trial Recruitment

Bringing a new prescription drug to market is a complex, costly multi-year project.  Recent data form Tuft’s Center for Drug Development suggests that the costs to bring one new product through the regulatory framework required for prescription drugs is more than $1B.  Pharmaceutical companies have invested in ways to expedite the process where ever possible, but human clinical trials always appear as a key hurdle.  A consider effort has been exhausted in developing models to predict enrolment in clinical trials, yet most trials do not meet their enrolment targets.

Each day a trial is delayed represents a day of lost sales for the new prescription drug.  This could be millions if not 10’s of millions of dollars of lost income.  Accurate prediction of recruitment rates and a robust program to maintain or exceed these targets is fundamental to ensure maximum revenue from future sales can be realized.

Our Clinical Trial Subject Recruitment Platform

With ePatient Connect enhanced enrollment for clinical trial recruitment, patients find investigators and investigators find patients. Instead of wasting time and money, our partners have been discovering today’s most advanced and effective forms of clinical trial recruitment.

Allow us to introduce you to your next clinical trial subject. They’re in your neighborhood, they’re eligible for your study, and they’re looking for you. Meet the ePatient.

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